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SHELLEY STEELE unique textiles

Shelley is the maker of the beautiful scarves, baubles, bags, birds, that we have here in Daffodil Lane.  In her early twenties, she became fascinated by the traditional technique of spinning: turning fleece into yarn; some years later she learnt about felt making: turning fleece into fabric.  She has now been making felt for over 16 years.  The inspiration for her designs and choice of colours comes from the natural world,  as a keen gardener, flowers feature strongly in her work.


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Cobweb  felt Art scarf in greens made of merino wool, yarns, silks and fibres.


 Art Scarf £80

Felted birds

Needle felted birds on timber bobbins

(These items are unsuitable for small children)

Thrush £40

Blue Tit £38

Wren £35


Hand felted bag made of berchaf wool with cotton lining and faux leather strap


 Shoulder Bag £85


needle felted landscape brooch

 Art brooch £15


Cobweb  felt Art scarf in greens made of merino wool, yarns, silks and fibres.


 Art Scarf £80


A large soft bag made of nuno felted vintage sari fabric, with an upcycled leather strap.


Shoulder Bag £75


Felt making is the process of turning loose wool fibres into a solid fabric. It is done by using simple equipment: a soap solution is used to wet and open up the wool fibres. A web of these fibres is laid down and agitated and rubbed to encourage them to mat together. Finally this web is ‘fulled’ or rolled to shrink it. The result is a strong yet soft fabric.  Felt can be made with many types of wool and some other animal fibres such as Alpaca fleece. Other natural fibres such as silk, cotton and linen can be incorporated into the felt: this is called nuno felting.  Shelley likes to use very fine washed and dyed merino fleece.



“Heather”.A hand knitted and felted bag made with hand spun yarn and lined with Irish linen.

Handbag £68.

Felt Eggs

Needle felted hanging eggs


 £8.50 each


Nuno felted Art scarf  made of handwoven and hand dyed Margilan excelsior, silk, merino wool and soya silk fibres with shibori details.

 Art Scarf £70


It is thought that felting is the oldest way to produce cloth, bridging the gap between the use of animal skins and the processes of spinning and weaving. Lanolin-rich untreated wool made the felted tents of early nomadic peoples wind-proof and water resistant and light and easy to transport. In the Middle East and Eastern Europe, many rugs and mats were, and still are, made from felted wool.  There is also a strong tradition of felted goods in Scandinavia. Today, felting is part of an increasingly art-based craft that is used to produce a wide range of decorative and functional items.


Animal Portraits

Needle felted strung baubles.

Each £12.50


Cobweb  felt Art scarf in blues  and mauves ,made of merino wool, yarns, silks and fibres.


 Art Scarf £80


Needle felted landscape brooch

Each £15.00


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